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Department of Public Works

7am-3pm M-F

17104 First Street, Baltic

PO Box 520

South Range, MI 49963


All Adams Township correspondence may be sent to:

PO Box 520

South Range, MI 49963

Township Assessor

PO Box 520

South Range, MI 49963

Office Hours:

Wednesday 10am - 4pm

Baltic Hall


Adams Township Public Works/Water & Sewage Utility/Town Hall

Adams Township is located in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan in Houghton County. 

Approximate population of Adams Township per the 2019 Census is 2,526 and covers 47.1 square miles. 

Adams Township Water & Sewage Utility serves the communities of Atlantic Mine, Baltic, Trimountain, and Painesdale, as well as providing wholesale water to neighboring communities.

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